Are you ready to say goodbye to paper forms and missed opportunities?
EasyContact App allows you to directly collect contacts from your smartphone and tablet during exhibitions and events. Download the ready to go App and you will be ready to enter your contacts immediately: you will show yourself to prospects and customers in a professional and modern way.




EasyContact is the app that allows you to directly collect data in digital format, without losing valuable informations.
Once the event is over you can download all the contacts in a convenient format, compatible with all systems.


EasyContact is and will always be free.
Your business contacts will always be just a touch away! Choosing the App you will also reduce the environmental impact of business cards and paper forms.
You will economize by making a conscious choice for the environment!


Protect your data easily and in a safer way.


Only your private user can access your data: no one else (including us!) will be able to see your contacts.


The security of data flows to and from the cloud are guaranteed by cryptography with 128-bit certificates during transit.


Users, companies and master data collected are protected by full compliance with the GDPR regulation.


EasyContact is a native app, so it’s safe and open to future integrations.



What is it for?

EasyContact is an app whose functionality is to collect contacts in exhibitions, events and shows in a very simple and immediate way.
His intention is to avoid wasting time that inevitably produces a first collection on paper and the subsequent digitization of the contact.

Where and when can it be used?

The app can be used anywhere and it is perfect for exhibitions, events and shows where is necessary to collect contacts. It’s always available, even offline.

How much does it cost?

EasyContact is and will always be free. Moreover it has no limits on the number of collected contacts or in terms of use.

What devices is available for?

The app is available for Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Export features are available for any desktop or mobile device through browser web.

How can the collected contacts be used?

The collected contacts can be consulted by the app at any time, both in presence and in absence of Internet connectivity.
They can be exported from the reserved cloud area in the most common standard formats.

Can I customize my logo and the entry form?

we have chosen to simplify the insertion form and the start-up of the use of the app by the user.
This is why the fields are standard and all the possibilities for customization are referred to the free notes field.

Who can access my data?

Only those in possession of the username and password you have chosen during registration will be able to access your data!
In fact the data collected is exclusively yours: no one else, besides you, can view it and use it in any way!

Is it in accordance with privacy?

Yes, it is. The app protects users against the processing of personal data dictated by the GDPR.

Can I collect business cards?

Yes, you can take pictures of business cards with the camera function and collect them quickly.

Where can I download contacts once I have registered?

You can download your contacts in the private area of this site by entering your username and password.

I can no longer find the event I had created, including the registered contacts: what can I do?

If you no longer see the event in the list, it means that it ended more than 30 days ago. To retrieve your data, you can access your profile page via the app by clicking on the user icon and you will find the entry "Download contacts".

Can I scan business cards?

The free version is not equipped with OCR scanning to capture data in text format. Customisation is possible in a dedicated version: contact the team if you are interested.

Can I filter the contacts I have collected?

The system allows export to Excel, where you can set as many filters as you like. It is also possible to create a customisation that allows the search and management of contacts directly in the web console: contact the team if you are interested.

Can I create a contact analysis environment?

It is possible to carry out a dedicated "Report" customisation where you can set desired filters, manage contacts, create KPIs on dashboards, categorising according to trade fair, customer and product type. Contact the team if you are interested.

Can my company have more than one user registered with Easy Contact?

It is possible to customise your app to allow multi-user management for a single company: contact the team if you are interested.

Can I export photos of the collected business cards?

Yes, in the last column of the downloaded Excel file you will find the url of the image which can then be opened and downloaded.